A quick introduction

As a small Charity operating in Tanzania, we are very lucky to receive support from all over the World.

Most of the support is in the form of time. These individuals offer their considerable skills, for free, for almost every aspect of running a small charity in Tanzania. This allows us to feed almost every part of donations into our projects as a Tanzania NGO.

We have sponsors and supporters in Australia, UK, USA and Tanzania. Many of these supporters help our charity because they have some connection with our Team, or have a background in East Africa.

Meet some of our Team

Leader of our Tanzanian Agency
Shukrani works on our projects in the Serengeti and co-ordinates the Community Development.He is a voluntary Board Member and also chairs the Tumaini Jema Serengeti Conservation Agency.He is based in the Mara region at Mugumu Town and spends his time consulting the local communities on wildlife conflicts. He then suggests practical solutions to the Chagga Mzungu Board for further research and development.
Tanzanian Representative and Logistics Manager
John is our local Logistics Manager. He ensures that our projects are equipped with services and supplies. He helps to smooth the way with the village Elders and reports on the progress of our various projects.John is based in Arusha, a town close to the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro and on the border of the Serengeti Wildlife Reserve. He spent 10 years in the Safari Business. Since then, he has worked with NGO's and local communities.
Assistant Director
Born and raised in Tanzania. Ugo left Africa for a while but cannot leave entirely.Ugo now plans to move back to East Africa having made many visits during recent years. With experience as a tented camp manager in the Selous Game Reserve and further engagement with programs for protection of crocodiles and better drinking water, Ugo is very skilled at working in the field. A highly valued front-line team member and Assistant Director of the Board.
Supervising Treasurer
Geoff is a retired Australian scientist who lives in Tanzania. Geoff has almost 30 years experience in agricultural education in Tanzania and Zambia, together with 18 years in agricultural training and human resource development, university international policy and consumer protection work in the Northern Territory of Australia. Since retiring in Tanzania, with his Tanzanian wife, Geoff has worked closely with a local NGO's. He has vast humanitarian experience within local charities and has led him to become heavily involved with Chagga Mzungu.
Founder, Treasurer, Public Officer
Our Founder, Director, Treasurer & Public Officer.Dan Administrates the agency & funds from Australia. He regularly travels to Tanzania to oversee our projects. He travels extensively with his skills in medicine, and has been actively involved in Ebola cases in West Africa.Dan has decades of Humanitarian experience and has developed Australia’s first Under Graduate degree in Humanitarianism. Dan spent his childhood in Tanzania and has a thorough understanding of what is required to achieve the best results with aid contributions.

Chagga Mzungu is a Registered Charity operating in East Africa / Tanzania. We are an Independent Non Government Organisation (NGO) specialising in providing innovative solutions for the conservation of wildlife in a humanitarian way.

We generate a positive outcome for the Tanzanian people and African wildlife to live alongside each other. Our innovative solutions are delivered in the most cost-effective manner. We keep the management costs very low by managing the charity from our base in Australia and use local expertise to action our plans.

We rely solely on the Board and Charitable donations to make positive changes for the wildlife. It is important to us that we maximise every contribution.

Chagga Mzungu began in 2016. Our Founder, Dan, felt that there was a need for real grass-roots help in Tanzania. There are many charities operating in / or close to the Serengeti. Each Charity has its own way of dealing with the health and preservation the African wildlife. As Dan had spent his formative years in Tanzania, he knew there was a way to get more money directly applied into humanitarian projects in Tanzania. He re-connected with people who could help. Chagga Mzungu was created.

Our aim is to protect the wildlife that lives in Tanzania from poaching and habitat encroachment by getting to the root of the problem and helping the local people to find another way to earn a living.

Our approach is to encourage the people who are indirectly involved with poaching elephants to see that the wildlife is an asset. We implement simple solutions to the root cause of their poaching.

Our partners in Tanzania:

Although we are a Charity registered in Australia, we partner with local Tanzanian agencies to implement our charitable solutions.

One of these agencies is Tumaini Jema Serengeti Conservation. They are a registered charity in Tanzania and perform much of the ground work for us. We then audit the work on a regular basis.

We also have many logistical support companies who support and endorse our humanitarian principles of looking after the people who live alongside the African wildlife.

Chagga Mzungu is a small, but very effective, charity generating real results for wildlife conservation and for the local people.

Help us to make a difference. Please make a small donation and we will use it wisely.

“Chagga-Mzungu”, C.M.Humanitarian Consultancy – a registered Australian Charity

Charity Number: 52122463099

PO.Box 1021 Night Cliff

Darwin NT Australia



Summary of activities

We use a combination of practical resources and education to assist villages gain benefits from caring for wildlife instead of poaching it.

In 2017 we provided a steel shipping container and the funds to manage it as a collective granary to protect the annual village crop from elephants avoiding starvation and in turn anger toward elephants.

This in turn has now motivated care toward elephants and a new project for 2018 where villagers will invite tourists to stay in the village and be trained in herding and assisting to herd the elephant back into the Serengeti and into the care of the park rangers. The tourists will collectively remunerate the villagers for this experience – furthering community and economic development/benefit.

A new way for villagers to enhance wildlife and farm tourism from it.