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The Children are the future of the Serengeti
We are a humanitarian Aid Charity. We have already saved over 500 people from starvation. We need to do more to help these people
Save the Serengeti Wildlife from human encroachment
The East African population has increased by 74% between 1985 and 2008. It could double by 2050. We need to create a secure future for the Serengeti wildlife
Protect the Serengeti Ecology
Our projects always account for the added benefit that we can create for the fragile ecology of the Serengeti.

Save the Serengeti Wildlife

All of the Serengeti Wildlife is under threat from human encroachment. If we can help the local population to see the wildlife as an asset, we will make a difference

The Serengeti Wildlife improves the ecology

It is estimated that there are over 2 million Wildebeest, Antelopes and Zebras who roam their natural habitat in the Serengeti. Their droppings improve the soil. In turn, this improves the whole habitat.

Help us to make a difference

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The Threats to our Serengeti Wildlife

Help us to spread the word. Our Serengeti animals are coming under increasing threat from human encroachment and from illegal hunting for financial gain.

Threats to African Wildlife exist on every level. The human population is constantly expanding and encroaching on the spaces we have reserved for African Wildlife. Poachers kill our wildlife for food and the ivory trade.

Prevent the need to kill elephants

Illegal Ivory Trade

Trading in Ivory is illegal in most countries, but the trade continues through support networks similar to the ones that operate in the drug trade.

The value of ivory from elephants and rhino is so high that it is believed that over 100,000 elephants were killed by poachers in Africa in just 2 years!

These are wild animals. They are not in a zoo

Loss of natural habitat

We are constantly expanding our needs for space. The human population numbers are rising. We need more food. We need more space for our crops and livestock.

The livestock need protecting from the wild animals and the net result is less space for the African Wildlife and in pockets of land where they were once able to roam their traditional paths.

How can Chagga Mzungu help with threats to African Wildlife?

The need for help

Our approach is to combine a humanitarian approach with the need for wildlife conservation.

Our NGO Registered Charity needs help to provide sensible solutions for the villagers. In return, they can protect their crops and grazing land. With our help, they can also create an income from tourism.

This positive approach offers an enormous benefit to the wildlife.

Why our African Wildlife is important to the environment and to the human population.

Environmental Value
Our African Wildlife offers enormous benefits to the general environment. The fragile eco-system relies on wildlife for food, shelter and materials for construction.
Without a healthy wildlife population, the fragile eco-system breaks down. The birds have less to feed on. They drop less seeds. Less indigenous plants grow. Having less plants is more likely to lead to soil erosion and this leads to less crops for humans.
If there is less wildlife, there will be less manure to enrich the soil. This will also have an adverse effect on the quality of crops for humans.

Direct Value to local population
Chagga Mzungu works with local communities to reduce the negative effects of wildlife incursion on their day-to-day living by highlighting the positive values of having one of Earth’s most valuable assets right on their door step.
The African Wildlife is important to them because it can be a valuable source of income through direct, and indirect, tourism. Our aim is to provide local communities with the support that they can generate an income from the wildlife in a way that benefits both the humans and the animals.

Value to the World.
Our African Wildlife is a World asset. It’s important to all of us. The animals are part of the World’s rich tapestry. In our quest to cover the world with concrete and tarmac, we need to protect the wildlife spaces in Africa for our own benefit (and for theirs).

The wildlife is important to all of us. Get Involved. Chagga Mzungu is a small, but effective, registered NGO charity. Members of the board now live all around the World. However, their childhood was spent in Tanzania and they need your help to educate, train and develop local communities so that they can treat the African Wildlife as an asset.

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