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If we help to educate, we can help to train people to see our African Wildlife as an asset.

The school that you see was built for less than $12,000. We need to build another one.

The benefits of having a school are clear for everyone to see. The problem that our people have, is that they simply don’t have the funds for a school. The desire is there from the Elders, the parents and the children. Help us to provide a focal point for their learning.

They don’t need a fancy school with full IT suites and interactive white boards. Just a large room where a teacher can guide a class of willing children.

By helping to educate the children of the Serengeti region, we hope to provide them with a wider knowledge base including humanitarianism and wildlife conservancy. It will help to mitigate further human conflict with the wildlife if they can begin to understand that the protection and conservation of their environment is a huge benefit to themselves.

Help us to make a second school with a small donation.

Thank you.

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