2020 Allocation of Funds

  • Admin, Governance & Logistics
  • Income Generation
  • Awareness
  • Research
  • Human / Elephant Co-Existence
  • Wildlife Protection

Donate with Confidence

Your contribution is greatly appreciated. It is also very carefully used.


As we are a relatively small charity, we carefully manage every single Cent / Pound.


87% of funds used in 2020 went directly into our front-line. The rest was used to make sure that we are able to continue to fight for the protection and survival of the Serengeti Wildlife & the local people

Australian Registered Charity, Number: 52122463099

Make a Bank Transfer

We can accept payments straight into our Bank Account in Australia.

Account name: Chagga Mzungu. (C.M. Humanitarian Consultancy),

Account#: 20394548BSB 803-205


All other currencies – Require the above Swift BIC code (CUSCAU2SXXX) AND an intermediary bank code: NATAAU3303M

Bank Address: Defence Bank, Winnelie Branch, Darwin NT, Australia

Send us a Cheque

You can Send us a Cheque.

We can accept cheque payments into our Bank Account in Australia.

We can currently accept GBP, AUD, USD and Euros.

Payable to: Chagga Mzungu. P.O.Box 1021, Night Cliff, Darwin, NT, Australia 0814

If you would like to include your address, we will respond with a receipt.

Company Donations

We will be very happy to discuss your Corporate plans to donate.

If you are an individual, it may be worth asking your company if they will match your donation. Many employers match charitable donations, increasing the impact of your gift.

If you’re a Company, and you’d like to discuss making a donation, please contact us here and we will do the rest.

Leave us a Legacy

Leaving a legacy to our overall cause, or to one project in particular, is a lovely gift.

We will be happy to discuss your wishes.

There are many ways that this can help with estate tax planning. Please contact us here and we will call you to discuss how you would like to leave a lasting gift to our charity.