“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” - Aristotle

We may be a small team, but we make every donation count. The Chagga Mzungu team has a fantastic range of relevant skills, backed-up by experience. We are all connected to Tanzania and the Serengeti in some way, and have a deep passion to ensure that a humanitarian crisis is averted.

Your donations help our team to maximise the benefit that each of our projects has on the local people and the wildlife of the Serengeti.

We identify Solutions

We all have individual skills to offer, but the work that we do relies on a team.

We identify the problem and then look for solutions that will benefit the wildlife of the Serengeti & the people. Our solutions are usually preventative, rather than post-event.

Your donations help our team to maximise the benefit that each of our projects has on the local people and the wildlife of the Serengeti.

The Chagga Mzungu team needs your help.

We Spread Awareness of the problems

With the power of web sites and social media, we can raise awareness of the problems for the African wildlife in the Serengeti.

Raising awareness is very much a function within our charity. Without more people getting involved, we cannot hope to resolve some very large issues in this beautiful region of Tanzania.

Rhino and Elephants continue to be killed for their ivory. Our projects tackle the very root of the problem in Africa. We provide alternative methods of income on a sustainable basis.

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We Protect the Serengeti Wildlife by engaging the local population

Rather than sit back and let the local people create a desert in their own land, we take time to engage them in other solutions.

Because we are from Africa, we understand the culture. We make sure that we involve the Elders of the villages in any discussions. They become engaged in seeking a solution to a particular problem and then involve the rest of their people.

Our method of engagement ensures that our donations are spent where they are most likely to succeed on a sustainable basis.

We carefully manage donated funds

Africa is notorious for diverting funds. We are acutely aware of this. To ensure that we maximise the use of funds, we release money on a stage basis and have our own people oversee each stage.

By doing this, we make certain that all of the planned expenditure is spent on our carefully planned projects.

Each project is planned and budgeted. We set a timescale for the start date and for the project length.

Great care is taken with your donation.

How we operate as a charity

By nature, African wildlife is transient. Elephants, Rhinos and Wildebeest are well known for their epic journeys.

It takes more than a few charities to encompass the lives of these animals while they travel.

We are very proud to be a small part of a collective of NGO Charities who are helping to save these animals from poaching and a changing habitat.

We work alongside other charities and organisations who help us to deliver cost-effective humanitarian solutions that result in better lives for the animals and the humans.

Our operation is very simple really

We collect donations and keep them safe in Australia, until we need to release a specific amount for a given project.

A potential project is presented to the Board. Local representatives will involve the local population to encourage discussion and input.

Each project is assessed for its value to the wildlife and the local population.

The projects are treated as separate cases. This way we can easily demonstrate a cost / benefit analysis.

Each project will have the input of some of the Board members. This way, we keep the costs to the minimum while ensuring maximum benefit goes to the wildlife.

We carefully monitor the projects

All costings are gathered.

Once the Board has approved the project, we implement it by utilising one of the appropriate, approved, agencies.

We release funds as and when necessary for each project.

As some members of the Board live close to the projects, we are able to apply direct control to the project and release of funds.

We keep it simple. Help us to make a difference.

Please make a small donation. We will use it wisely.

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