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Our charity is managed by a group of professionals with a broad range of skills, ranging from medical and agricultural sciences, through to engineers and IT. We are passionate about saving The Serengeti, the wildlife and the lives of the local population

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Identify Solutions

Identify Solutions

We don’t just rush in with money. We identify the need to save the Serengeti Wildlife & then work on a solution that works for all.
Educate, Train, Enable

Educate, Train, Enable

When we have a possible solution, we assist the Serengeti people by enabling them with training and financial assistance
See Projects Through

See Projects Through

We oversee each project to ensure that your donations are used in a positive manner, for the Serengeti Wildlife and the local People. 
Increase Awareness

Increase Awareness

Part of our function is to publicise about the Serengeti Crisis. The more we all know about the problems, the more of us there are to help.
Innovating Solutions at grass-roots level

Help Us to Preserve the Wildlife of Serengeti

Prevent Poaching
If we stop the hunger, we can prevent poaching and illegal hunting in the Serengeti
Train for a Future
We provide the funds and the know-how for local people to train for a future with the Serengeti Animals on their doorstep.
Supply Practical Solutions
Our aim is to always provide a solution that is practical. That way it will happen and it will be used.
Build a Future for the Wildlife
By helping the local people of the Serengeti with their problems in a practical & humanitarian way, we will help the Wildlife.
Without words, a video about Chagga Mzungu’s principles – people, wildlife tourism and our children – the future …


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You can select a project, and make a contribution directly to the fund required to make it happen. Choose a project and read more about it. If you would rather donate to the charity, as a whole, please GO HERE. Thank you.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” - Aristotle

We all have individual skills to offer, but the work that we do relies on a team.

Your donations help our team to maximise the benefit that each of our projects has on the local people and the wildlife of the Serengeti.

The Chagga Mzungu team needs your help. We rely entirely on donations. Every single donation is cherished and is spent very carefully. As a small charity, we are manned by volunteers so we keep the costs to the minimum and pass on the maximum benefit to our causes

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